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During our Banff trip last October, we took a side trip to Golden, BC to visit the Northern Lights Wolf Center to take a photo walk with the wolves. It was such an incredible experience! The center has six wolves and provides education and advocacy about wolf conservation. All of the wolves at the center were born and bred in captivity at other wildlife centers, but they have formed a close pack.

Shelley took us to a gorgeous valley near the center for our walk with Farley. I was a little nervous at first but Shelley helped to put us at ease with the safety talk to help keep us and Farley safe while we walked.It was amazing to watch Farley run around and play in his natural habitat. Most of the time, he liked to run off and look majestic in the distance against the mountains, and then he would zoom back, splashing through the stream.

It was an incredible experience to learn more about wolves and to get to walk alongside one in its natural habitat. I would highly recommend it if you are ever in the area!

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