Iceland - A Journey Around the Ring Road

Iceland is a magical land of waterfalls, ponies, and rainbows. I spent 12 wonderful days in this beautiful country. My husband and I traveled counterclockwise around Route 1, the main road that circles the country. The landscape seemed to change every 10 minutes, with new surprises around every bend. I have divided the Iceland galleries by my route of travel. I hope you enjoy exploring Iceland through my photos. And if your question is should I go? The answer is a resounding yes!

Part 1- The Golden Circle and Southwestern Coast

On our first day we drove from Reykjavik to Asolfsskali, via the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle included Thingvellir National Park- which includes the split between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, Geyser- the geyser that other geysers take their name from, and Gullfoss waterfall- a massive, powerful waterfall which reminded me of Niagara. However, my favorite part of the day  was Seljalandsfoss- a giant waterfall that you could walk behind! Seljalandsfoss was hands down my favorite waterfall in Iceland, which is an impressive title in a country where it seems like there is a waterfall every time you turn around.

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