Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

I almost didn't go to the Valley of Fire State Park. I went on a long weekend trip to Zion National Park with my mom and that was our focus with the limited time that we had. But, with the urging of several people to squeeze in the Valley of Fire State Park if I could possibly do it, we decided to make it happen on our drive back from Zion. With a 10 p.m. flight out of Las Vegas, we arrived in the Valley of Fire State Park around 3:00 p.m. To make our flight, we needed to leave the park at the very latest, at 5:00 p.m. for the hour drive back to Las Vegas. Two hours did not do this gorgeous park justice.

With our mouths hanging open as we drove through the park, a light rain drizzled. The one hike that we had to make happen was the Fire Wave Trail. Nearly crippled with blisters from the terrifying Angel's Landing hike in Zion the previous day, I plastered my feet with moleskin and hobbled along the Fire Wave Trail. It was so gorgeous that I nearly forgot my poor, angry feet. Due to the drizzle, my mom and I arrived at the Fire Wave and had it all to ourselves for a good 20 minutes. It looked like a giant, rippling piece of ribbon candy. What an amazing sight! As I limped back along the trail, I vowed to get back to this park and give it the time it deserved.

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